Neher history.

The insect screening experts since 1973.

Since 1973, Neher has written one success story after another on customised insect screening. Here you will find everything that has happened over the years and how we have become the number 1 for insect screening:


The 2012 Neher news 

New brand appearance

With the new brand appearance, Neher will become more modern, fresher and clearer. Not only the pictures but all promotional material from the flyer to this Internet presence has been completely revised. 

Numerous technical detail improvements

Neher has not only been active in marketing but there are also many product improvements in technology. This ranges from the sliding system to the roller screens to the stentering  frame. Your Neher specialist partner will be more than happy to show you the individual products and improvements. 

New construction of IT and R&D centre

The newly built research and development centre can be seen as proof that Neher wants to continue to make progress in the future. Here, the software engineers of the Neher IT partners Ganadalan will find a new representative home.


The 2011 Neher news:

Transpatec now also available for roller screens

The almost invisible Transpatec fabric has caused quite a stir since its market introduction in 2010. Neher is now continuing this success story. Following minor technical changes to the system, the fabric can now also be used for the roller screens.

More variation and application options

The new grip frame operable on both sides can be used on all hinged doors and swing doors creating completely new even more convenient handling options - even if space is limited.
The expansion of the threshold-free pleats to a width of 1.70 meter for one wing allows for entirely new applications. Always the right solution - Neher can satisfy this claim through new variations based on the system that has been tried and tested a million times.


The 2010 Neher news:

We have invented the nearly invisible insect screening.

Yes - nobody thought the excellent properties of Transpatec to be possible. With the Transpatec insect screen we have taken the insect screening for windows and doors into a new dimension. 

First tent storages, then a new high-rack warehouse in the Frittlingen plant.

In 2010, our new high-rack warehouse was completed and the shipment logistics were changed from analog to digital. An automatic warehouse for long material as well as a new organisation of our manual warehouse had been realised.
 A part of the material was temporarily stored in tents in order to allow the reconstruction measures inside the warehouse to be completed. The restructure of the logistics is immense. From paper and pen to mobile barcode scanners. It was a masterly achievement by our staff members to manage this innovation during the ongoing operation. 

Neher Systeme is well equipped for the future.


The 2009 Neher news:

More than "just" a new sliding system.

Technical highlight for the year 2009 is the completely new developed sliding system. This creates possibilities not known to exist for insect screening systems.
 Wing heights up to 3 meters without frame are easily possible due to the especially sturdy profile. The height of the new roller can be adjusted, will be automatically centred above the sliding rail and reliably guided. By using the optional foot operation it is possible to operate the door safely and conveniently with the foot even if the hands are full.

Noble appearance for the lightwell covers.

 The new, additional standard colour dark grey with glimmer effect for our lightwell covers is slip-resistant and impresses with its high scratch-resistance and a low susceptibility to dirt. 


The 2008 Neher news:

Focus on the insect screening fabric.

The fabric makes up the soul of an insect screen (fly-screen). For 2008, Neher has turned the attention to the development of two new products that will set new standards: the Polltec pollen screen and the almost invisible transparent fabric. The excited reactions during the presentation on the Fensterbau Frontale 2008 in Nuremburg have confirmed this. 

Live better - without pollen

The new Polltec screen keeps more than 99 percent of grass and birch pollen reliably away even the especially fine pollen of ambrosia or nestles stay outside to over 90 percent. The permeability to air has increased up to 300 percent compared to other pollen screens. 
 A newly developed mesh concept allows for an improved transparency of the fine mesh, which not only mechanically holds on to the particles but also through attraction. All in all, the insect screen is a revolution on the pollen protection market in regard to its protective function, transparency and air permeability as well as durability. 

The goal: an invisible insect screening

The reactions to the new and almost invisible transparent V4A fabric were positive as well (today: Transpatec insect screen). It impresses with a nearly inconspicuous transparency and a much improved permeability to air. 


New at NEHER in 2007:

New inventions and plenty of product innovations.

Visitors to the innovation days were more than enthusiastic about the new products and improvements offered by the designers and marketing experts at NEHER.
The overwhelming question: "When can you start pro

NEHER swing door

It was well worth the wait, the designers have ironed out the design weaknesses inherent in standard swing doors.
120 degree opening angle, narrow, sturdy construction, ingenious production processes.duction?"

NEHER - no insect protection?

TERRESA, the new wooden decking insert, is the first NEHER product without insect protection. TERRESA was developed using proven materials used in cellar shaft solutions. The architects, garden planners and wooden decking manufacturers at the BAU 2007 were enthusiastic in their response. "A real innovation - just the thing we┬┤ve been looking for". TERRESA means that NEHER quality is now also available for wooden decking.

More information can be found at: 


New at NEHER in 2006

Perfectly simply, simply perfect.

As with everything from NEHER, the innovations in 2006 are oriented towards practical benefit. The best - simple and perfect.

Insect protection roller blind R5

Simple, slim and reasonably priced, these are the principle characteristics of the new insect protection roller blind R5.

NEHER Querrollo roller blind

Further refinements to the NEHER Querrollo roller blind enable improved ease of operation, combined with even faster, simpler and more flexible installation.

Stretcher frame SP1/70

Is it possible to improve on the NEHER stretcher frames?
Easier operation, easier measurement, easier installation - the new SP1/70 stretcher frame with locking screw assembly. 


The NEHER warehouse facilities are further optimised with the addition of a new high rack storage system.

It is almost a routine. With the expansion of the warehouse capacity with the new high rack storage system it is possible to improve the entire warehousing logistics.

Light well covers expanded

The Light well covers range is extended with the addition of two new product innovations.
The launch of 'ELSA' and 'RESI' onto the market is completed in record time.


As a NEHER partner appropriately asked "can the technically perfect insect screen from NEHER be further improved in any way ?"

The answer was clearly - YES.

The developers in Frittlingen exceeded themselves it their inventiveness and were able to impress the NEHER manufacturing partners. The new inventions are clearly more useful for the customer. Even more comfort and convenience with the NEHER system - A prestigious trade name in Germany.

The innovations in 2004:

  • Completely new hinged screen for windows and doors
  • Roller system completely redesigned 
  • Introduction of a completely new type of stentering frame 
  • Conception of new manufacturing and planning documents


The new training centre is inaugurated in January.

The hinged screen door and roller screen systems are completely redesigned. The stentering screen is a completely new product, especially for the new generation of window.

Neher achieves record growth particularly due to increased activities abroad.


The subsidiary ISTEC GmbH introduces a completely new product - the integrated roller screen for blinds and shutters. Therewith, the NEHER group of companies also covers the area of the integrated initial equipment in the new buildings sector.

New training centre is built in Frittlingen. We get the training centre, which was previously integrated in the company building, off the ground. In June 2002 we begin to build a exhibition and training centre in Frittlingen.

More inventions are planned, further growth and the launch of the e-smog insect screen onto the market .


Establishment of the subsidiary ISTEC GmbH in Kuchl in Austria.
Inventions and the implementation of a new advertising concept. The printed advertising material is completely redesigned. A redesigned company logo and a new brochure are well received by the specialist suppliers.

HF e-smog insect screen. The new solution for windows and doors offers almost complete protection against electro-smog. NEHER Systeme offers solutions for completely new target groups. NEHER Systeme wins a renowned award for offering solutions on the theme Well-known companies from the building materials industry, e.g., Knauf, the window manufacturer Weru, as well as medium-size specialist companies from the building biology sector and internationally renowned experts on protection from radiation, joined the NEHER Systeme initiative in 2001.

MAMOS - is significantly expanded. The precision machines for the production of insect screens are decisively enhanced. Due to the modular structure of the machine concept, the productive capacity can now be adapted more effectively to meet demand.

Multiraum exceeds sales expectancy. Multiraum GmbH, which has been an independent company for a year, exceeds projected sales.


Multiraum expands and moves to a new building. 
The establishment the Multiram GmbH and its move to a new company building, is the consequence of the successful revision of the Multiraum product line, which has been received extremely positively by the market. 
 LISA - air vent covers from NEHER are presented and launched at the suppliers' fair in Erfurt with great success.
 IBOS. The newest logistics software package was presented at the suppliers' fair in Erfurt. Specialist suppliers and production plants can substantially improve ordering and planning processes using this software package. 


Inventions + sales concept. The insect screen product groups for hinged screen windows and doors, as well as sliding screen systems are completely redesigned and launched. The introduction of Multiraum leads to a completely new sales concept within the area of sliding glass systems for balconies and patios.


The 4th period of growth and more inventions. Expansion of the company complex and another bay warehouse. First contacts made in the Asian and African markets. Conception of the so-called "spring-loaded corner connecting plate" for the attachment of insect screens to aluminum window frames without causing damage. 


Innovation awards - one also awarded by the Sparkasse (national savings bank). NEHER Systeme develops a revolutionary roller insect screen, which receives several awards. Consequently, NEHER succeeds in entering the American and Canadian markets. 


Invention and the 3rd period of growth. The previous location in the Jaeuchstrasse is closed. NEHER Systeme build its own modern complex with bay warehouses in an industrial area in Frittlingen created for this particular purpose. The product range of sliding glass windows and doors for balconies and patios is completely redesigned and is expanded to become the second main line of production in addition to insect screening.


A logistics centre in the East/West.

Establishment of a registered office in Moscow, for the markets in Russia and the Baltic States. First contacts made in America. A logistics centre is set up. 


More sales means closer contact to the end customer. A closer linking-up of the European sales network.



Introduction of the first insect screen, which can be installed without causing damage to the window.


Following the fall of the Berlin wall.

In the course of reunification, development of the East German market begins, along the guidelines of a construction programme for mall businesses, especially developed for this market. 


Invention, let's go Europe, the 2nd period of growth.

Licenced partner companies are established in Austria, Switzerland and Holland. NEHER Systeme systematically develops the Western European market. The sliding glass windows and doors range for balconies and patios is developed and the company building is expanded.


Sales and distribution system.

The sales network for insect screens is expanded throughout Germany. The first licenced partner companies are established.



Development of the first insect screen and its launch on the local market. 


1st period of growth.

Move to the newly built site in the Jaeuchstrasse in Frittlingen. 


Arnold NEHER, the Swabian inventor.

Arnold NEHER develops a window-renovating system and acquires several patents for it. 


Let's go. 

Foundation of a company by Arnold and Magda NEHER.

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