Insect screens for doors.

Come on in.

An effective insect screening is especially important on patio doors or balcony doors. After all, you want to enjoy the fresh air and the sunlight and you donĀ“t want to have the annoying insects inside the house. 

As is the case with Insect screening for windows, Neher has the ideal customised insect screen for your doors available for any application and installation circumstances. All fly-screens for doors are easy to install and very easy to handle; their design is timeless and beautiful and they have the maximum precision and durability.


Overview of Neher Insect screens for doors:

Hinged frames
Have been tried and tested thousands of times and they are perfectly suited for your balcony and patio doors; also available with convenient door closer.


Swing door:
The alternative to the hinged frame with an opening angle of up to 120 degrees and an automatic closing mechanism. Easy to handle even with your hands full.


Sliding systems
The sturdy and yet inconspicuous solution for large openings to patios or sunrooms. The up to 6 wings are moved sideways.


Very easy to handle, robust and no thresholds. The pleated fabric disappears inside the box when not in use.


Roller screens for doors
Often used for tight spaces as it does not require a swing range. Disappears inside the box when not in use.


Motorised roller screens
The motorised roller screens are not a luxury but simply convenient - also available with remote control.

Ask your Neher specialist dealer for the ideal insect screening for your doors.

Flyer Download (pdf)

Neher insect screening flyer