Das Elektrorollo: 
Mit speziell entwickeltem Schnelllaufmotor, funkgesteuert für höchsten Bedienkomfort, sehr große Elemente sind möglich.


Für das elektrische Rollo von Neher können Sie zwischen verschiedenen Bedien-Sendern wählen. Mit dem Mehrkanal-Funkhandsender können Sie ganz bequem auch mehrere Rollos einzeln oder gemeinsam steuern.


Fernbedienungen für das elektrische Rollo von Neher gibt es verschiedenen Farben. Ob in unauffälligem Weiß mit Wandmontagehalterung oder in ansprechendem Schwarz mit Gummierung – Sie haben die Wahl.


Motorised roller screens.

Perfect insect screening with the push of a button.

Electrically operated: It just can´t get any more convenient

The Neher motorised roller screens disappear - just as the manual Neher roller screens - inside the box when not in use. And there are more advantages to it: Even more convenient, you can control them via a wall-mounted control or a remote control and connect them at the same time to house controls (EIB, LON), wind sensor or motion sender.

  • Neher high speed motor with protective soft start and soft brake
  • Free choice between transmitter controls in white with wall mount, in black with rubber lining or as a multi-channel remote control for controlling several roller screens

Overview of further advantages of the Neher motorised roller screens for doors:

  • Minimum space required since no swing range in front of the door is required
  • Height adjustable shaft and unroll edge ensures a simple assembly as well as a permanently tight and parallel running fabric
  • No weaving out due to wind thanks to brush guides
  • Developed especially for large insect screening elements

 Your Neher specialist dealer will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect insect screening motorised roller screens for your doors.

Flyer Download (pdf)

Neher insect screening flyer