Das Rollo für die Tür: 
Sowohl horizontal, als auch vertikal und von Hand verschiebbar. Unauffällig, verschwindet bei Nichtgebrauch im Kasten.


Auch als elektrische Variante erhältlich. Weitere Infos dazu unter Elektrorollo.


Roller screens.

Insect screening solution for special doors. 

As is with the insect screening roller screens for windows, Neher roller screens for doors are also always there for you if you need them. Manual, motorised models and models that can be moved sideways provide you with the maximum number of choices according to your taste and application. In order to keep working problem-free, the roller screens moving sideways will require a more exact and gentler operation than other insect screening products. 

Overview of Neher insect screening roller screens for doors:

  •  A minimum of space is required due to the sideways moving roller screens without a swing range in front of the door
  • Height adjustable shaft and unroll edge ensures a simple assembly as well as a permanently tight and parallel running fabric
  • No weaving out of the fabric by the wind thanks to brush guides
  • Guide rail with drainage openings for water and dirt
  • Adjustable spring force for self-locking fixation of the pull rail at any desired point
  • Neher motorised roller screens with remote controlled high-speed motor and connection options to house controls, wind sensors and motor sensors


Your Neher specialist dealer will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect insect screening roller screens for your doors.


Flyer Download (pdf)

Neher insect screening flyer