The cover for lightwells.

Protects your basement against insects and dirt.

Lightwells to basements, usable spaces and hobby rooms all become too often a collecting basin for insects, leaves and dirt. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Neher lightwell covers can be walked on safely and without problems and ensure that crawling insects and dirt are kept outside - robust, shapely, safe to step on and break-proof.  

So you can spend your time with better things than with cleaning of dirty lightwells. 


Overview of Neher lightwell covers:

The classic: Elegant design and safe sealing with a stainless steel fabric. An expanded metal fabric on a suitable basement well is even capable of bearing.


Rain-proof with highly transparent, step-proof and break-proof polycarbonate sheet as well as insect-proof ventilation box.


The flush substitute for the existing steel grating as a complete element to be mounted inside the lightwell. Optional protection with sturdy snap hook, chain or quick release for escape routes.



The elegant Terresa for wooden patios allows for an even, slip-proof access and is put inside the opening.


Ask your Neher specialist dealer for the perfect lightwell cover suitable for your application.


Flyer Download (pdf)

Neher insect screening flyer