The LiSA.

Very safe, suitable for all lightwells.

A clean lightwell will bring back the joy of ventilating your basement or hobby rooms. The LiSA lightwell cover from Neher will completely cover all lightwells, no matter whether it is plastic or concrete, at right angles or inclined, with a direct connection to the façade or window aperture. 

Overview of LiSA lightwell covers from Neher:

  • Maximum stability thanks to aluminium profile and inherently stable stainless steel mesh
  • Capable of bearing with optional expanded metal mesh
  • Anti-trip design thanks to flat profiles with framed brush seal to the floor and wall area 
  • Slanted profile towards the outside with holding fixture for vertical additional frame
  • Durable and flexible connection to the grating due to stainless steel screw connection
  • Available in the standard colours silver-grey anodised or dark grey with glimmer effect. Other colours are also available. Don’t hesitate to ask.


All lightwell covers from Neher are available in the two colours dark grey with glimmer effect or silver-grey anodised (with no additional charge).Lichtschachtabdeckungen in Standardfarbe Dunkelgrau mit Glimmereffekt


With not much effort, the LiSA lightwell cover is easily mounted on the existing basement grating.Zur Montage einfach einfach auf den Gitterrost legen, anschrauben, fertig.


All lightwell covers from Neher are walkable. For elements often walked on we recommend expanded metal meshes made of aluminium.Sowohl mit V2A Edelstahlgewebe, als auch mit Aluminium-Streckmetall begehbar.


When using expanded metal mesh made of aluminium, the LiSA is even drivable on a suitable lightwell.Im Zusammenspiel mit einem geeigneten Kellerschacht und Streckmetallgewebe kann ein auch ein PKW über die LiSA fahren.


The Neher system completely covers all lightwells. Also available with a direct connection to the facade or across a corner as shown on the picture.Ecken aussparen oder Profile biegen, alles kein Problem.


Your Neher specialist dealer will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect lightwell cover

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