Not just for your wooden patio.

You have a wooden patio and you require an elegant and sure-footed water drain, an inspection chamber or a lightwell cover? TERRESA from Neher is the all-purpose insert for your wooden patio. Just cut the opening, insert the TERRESA and you are done.  By the way, the TERRESA can also be used as an alternative to ELSA as a cover on "normal" lightwells and patios.  

Overview of Neher TERRESA for wooden patios:

  • Threshold-free access to the house
  • Numerous uses as anti-slip grating when it is wet, as water drainage, as a lightwell cover for overbuilt basement wells or as an inspection chamber, for example, to access pond pumps or lighting elements
  • Maximum stability thanks to stainless steel mesh or aluminium expanded metal
  • Optional protection against lifting is available
  • Customised


The elegant insert for wooden patios will drain the water immediately into the gravel bed underneath the patio.Das Wasser läuft einfach unter die Holzterrasse ab.


Thanks to the removable TERRESA it is possible to have easy access to technical elements underneath the patio such as a pond pump.Teichpumpen oder Lampen können mit Terresa wieder leicht erreicht werden.


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