Der Drehrahmen: 
Hoher Bedienkomfort, einfaches Öffnen entweder nach innen oder nach außen. Auch bei engen Platzverhältnissen einsetzbar. Langlebig.


Die extrem stabilen Mehrkammer-Eckwinkel aus Aluminium werden in die auf Gehrung gesägten Profile eingeschoben und mehrfach verstanzt. Damit sich auch nach jahrelangem Gebrauch nichts lockert. 


Auch für ungewöhnliche Einbaufälle hat Neher eine fachgerechte Lösung. Profile mit Bürstendichtungen können adaptiert werden um eine sichere Rundum-Abdichtung zu gewährleisten.


The hinged frame for windows.

Got the hang of it.

Maximum safety. Flexible installation.

If you frequently open and close your windows, for example, to water the flowers, then Neher hinged frames will be the ideal choice to protect yourself from insects.

  • Flexible installation to open it outward or inward
  • Assembly is possible on the window frame, in the intermediate space of the rabbet or directly in the window jamb
  • High stability despite a low installation depth thanks to specially developed curve contour profiles
  • High accuracy of fit and durability thanks to multi-chamber corner angles and adjustable 2-point hinges made of robust metal


Easy to handle. Attractive design.  

Neher hinged frame are ideal as a flexible insect screening for practically any type of window - in design, function and quality. 

  • Easy to handle thanks to ergonomic design handles
  • Shapely, space-saving profiles
  • Hidden magnetic tape sealing strips
  • Also available as a low-noise version with brush damping and integrated invisible block magnets

By the way: The new Transpatec fabric turns your Neher hinged frame basically into an invisible fly-screen - with a significantly better transparency and air passage compared to a standard fabric. Of course, the hinged frame will remain, as usual, especially weather-resistant, durable and robust. 

Your Neher specialist dealer will more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect insect screening with a  hinged frame for windows.

Flyer Download (pdf)

Neher insect screening flyer