The types of fabric.

A large variety for the individual protection against insects.

The fabric is the heart and soul of a Neher fly-screen. So much is clear: Different applications require special insect screens.
That’s why Neher has an enormous selection of fabrics for any application and for your personal preferences. What all insect screens have in common: highest quality, maximum stability and durability while boasting a timeless beautiful look.



Overview of Neher insect screen fabrics:

Basically invisible with 140% better air passage and increased weather resistance compared to a standard fabric.


Pollen protection fabric for people with allergies, featuring a special coat and the ECARF quality seal for tested protection.


Fiberglass fabric: 
Proven standard fabric for fly-screens made of plastic covered fibreglass with high tear-resistance and weather resistance.


The e-smog screen protects against insects and high frequency electromagnetic radiation as emitted, for example, by transmitting towers.


Stainless steel mesh: 
Reliable protection against leaves and small creatures while being heavy duty and easy to clean.


Cat mesh: 
Fly-screen with extreme tear-resistance thanks to a 7-fold reinforcement.


Fine mesh: 
Keeps away even the smallest insects such as the black fly.


Aluminium mesh: 
The sturdy and inconspicuous alternative for special applications.


Sun protection fibreglass mesh:
For roof window double roller screens Neher offers the sun protection fibreglass fabric.

Ask your Neher specialist dealer for the perfect insect screen that meets your particular needs.

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Neher insect screening flyer