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We are looking for new partner companies in selected postal areas in Germany and all other countries as a production plant or distribution partner. It is up to you to decide how successful you can become with the Neher insect screening system - you are your own boss. We offer you perfect, successful Insect screening products and will gladly show you how you can become successful in the market as a Neher partner - you will be amazed.

Neher - the big brand for your success!

Perfect insect screening products from the market leader ensure satisfied customers.

Your success is not based on superficial and expensive marketing or selling strategies but exclusively on satisfied customers. Our specialist dealers come from very different trades such as window fitters, glaziers, blind manufacturers, carpenters, interior decorators etc.  Neher insect screening solutions and fly-screens in your range of products is your chance for further development. New employment was created at Neher partners, company buildings were expanded and new building erected. What we are really happy about is the fact that the 100% of Neher specialist dealers were able to achieve the biggest successes. This is proof for our excellent insect screening products and it also confirms the marketability of our sales model.


Innovations ensure the technological lead!

Neher insect screening products offer unique technologies and have been tried and tested millions of times- an ideal basis for a crucial lead on the market. 

Neher Systeme is a strong brand that consistently secures its top position on the market through constant innovations. The revolutionary Transpatec fabric is a good example. Development work over many years has perfected it until in 2012 it could finally be brought on the market and where it has caused a stir ever since. 

With the introduction of the HF e-smog insect screen, we could open up an entirely new target group for our proven insect screening solutions. Well-known companies from the building materials industry as well as medium-sized specialised companies from the construction biology sector and internationally recognised radiation protection experts have joined the initiative of Neher Systeme. The common goal is to rationalise the e-smog discussion and to inform in a neutral way about the protective solutions for the living environment instead of stirring up fears. You will find more information at www.electrosmog-free-living.com.

Use the power of a strong brand!

Profit from professional advice and an extensive marketing support.

Neher customers are sophisticated. They expect the best possible protection against insects and pollen from e-smog screens, e-smog protection and insects and want professional support and advice. So that you as a specialist dealer will be able to communicate and live up to this, we will provide you with extensive promotional material and sales material which will assist you in selling providing information to customers. 


Highly effective manufacturing technology.

MAMOS manufacturing technology for producers.

Each fly- screen is customised; only this will ensure the maximum insect screening. That’s why we offer you with the MAMOS machine module system a machine outfit that is exactly aligned to the Neher system. 
 Vincon supplies the modular machine concepts specially adapted to the Neher system. The Ganadaan logistics software coordinates the manufacturing technology that ensures the close interlocking with the PPS system. Any improvement in manufacturing technology can therefore immediately flow into the software supported processes of the planning process and production planning. 
 This optimised manufacturing technology together with specific logistics software provides the basis for producing high-quality insect screening products in a cost-effective way. 

Gandalan logistics software

Software supported production - with the maximum efficiency and quality.

In order to realise a series production of fly-screens and complex customised insect screening solutions, you will require, as a Neher specialist dealer, a high degree of organisation in the distribution and production planning. Often you will have 20 to 30 production steps for each insect screen. Without software support you will quickly loose the overview. 
Gandalan exclusively creates specific software solutions for specialist dealers and the Neher head office in Frittlingen, which support our specialist dealers and producers in the best possible way. With the free ordering software 'Bestellfix' you can quickly and easily write customer quotations and organise the complete order process. 
Profit from this and increase your efficiency with the production and marketing of Neher insect screening solutions. Typical for Neher - simply perfect solutions, also for the communication with customers.

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